Deviant of the Day

In my mind, artists are the true foundation of our society. Deviant of the Day is a blog about these people. Creatives hold the key to unlock everything exciting and wondrous about this world. Painters, photographers, chefs, sculptors, musicians, tattoo artists, engineers, designers, etc…you all blow my mind. Let’s stick to our guns and never give up.

Deviant of the Day #31 - Markus Shaffer

I was looking up the proper name for a person that builds guitars.  Guitar maker and luthier are the two terms that I came up with. A luthier builds stringed instruments, however, Markus Shaffer strictly builds badass custom guitars, so guitar maker it is. Check out Markus' craftsmanship at Old Scratch Fabrications. Most of his recent clientele springs from the depths of the local metal scene out here in Brooklyn. He is currently building another guitar for Hull, which means that once he is done, the entire band will be rockin' Old Scratch guitars. Markus also plays bass in the 3-piece metal band Iron Tides. You can catch both Iron Tides and Hull live at The Acheron on July 13th.

Shoot Location: Brooklyn, NY 11201 (Dumbo)

Hometown: Farmington, New Mexico
Facebook: markusshaffer

Deviant of the Day #28 - Justin Cox & Rob Nassif

Ah yes, my new Aussie pals! These guys were checking out Ave. C for their first time when I bumped into them at my favorite German biergarten, Zum Schneider. Justin and Rob are both musicians from Perth. We walked up and down the avenue taking pics and discussing the possibility of jamming together. You never know. Check out more info on the two below. Cheers mates!

Shoot Location: New York, NY 10009

From Left to Right:  Justin, Rob

Justin Cox
Hometown: Perth, Western Australia
Profession: Carpenter
Music: Rock 'm Roll, Vocalist
Facebook: justinanthonycox

Rob Nassif
Hometown: Perth, Western Australia
Profession: Drummer for Gyroscope
Facebook: robnassif