Deviant of the Day

In my mind, artists are the true foundation of our society. Deviant of the Day is a blog about these people. Creatives hold the key to unlock everything exciting and wondrous about this world. Painters, photographers, chefs, sculptors, musicians, tattoo artists, engineers, designers, etc…you all blow my mind. Let’s stick to our guns and never give up.

Deviant of the Day #35 - Diana Lovrin

Straight out of Queens, NY...Diana Lovrin (pronounced LOWvrin) is one highly talented and eccentric individual.  Although born and raised in Flushing, NY...she spent 10 years of her life, off and on, in Zagreb, Croatia, where she focused on her career in music, theater and television.  Currently, Diana pursues happiness back in NYC and has found her own balance as a musician, actor, yoga teacher & retreat coordinator, and bartender.

Yoga Retreats: Yes, not only does she teach yoga throughout NYC, she also leads yoga retreats in both Croatia and India. You can check her website below for dates and details.

The Musician: Diana is a vocalist for gypsy punk band Bad Buka and also works on her own solo project with other various musicians which she describes as "stylistically soulful, blues, R&B and rock."  Follow Diana on her Facebook page (listed below) for updates on both of these projects.  You can also check out her solo work at the SoundCloud link below.

The Actress:  Diana will begin rehearsals on "To The Rising Sun", a show in the works that is created by Tony nominated artist, Tsidii Le Loka, for her work on Broadway in The Lion King.  Stay tuned for more details at Diana's Facebook page.

And believe it or not, you can also find Diana in the summer months on the rooftop of The Standard Hotel bartending at Le Bain.  Damn, that's a hefty load of ambition!  Pics below!

"I party hard, practice hard, and love hard! "

-Diana Lovrin

Shoot Location: Brooklyn, NY 11211

Deviant of the Day #26 - Johnny Gallo

Johnny Gallo from Montauk!! This guy is über eccentric. It is the annual Montauk Music Festival this weekend and you can catch him belting out some tunes for Lawrence Cooley tonight at The Sloppy Tuna. Johnny has experienced a lot. In the late 80's he was found floating on a cooler off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland after surviving the immediate 12 second sinking of a fishing boat that he was aboard. Sounds pretty traumatizing but I'm pretty sure he doesn't remember much of it.

Shoot Location: Montauk NY 11954

Hometown: Montauk, New York