Deviant of the Day

In my mind, artists are the true foundation of our society. Deviant of the Day is a blog about these people. Creatives hold the key to unlock everything exciting and wondrous about this world. Painters, photographers, chefs, sculptors, musicians, tattoo artists, engineers, designers, etc…you all blow my mind. Let’s stick to our guns and never give up.

Deviant of the Day #7 - Yousouf, Maliek, Samare, Ty, Daniel, Nasson, & Terrel

I found these guys on the corner of Houston and Elizabeth. They hoop it up in the city. These guys were a blast, screaming a good ol' fashion Texas "HELL YEAH!!!" for Dimebag as I snapped the pic. I could hear "Yeehaw!!!' as they walked away into the city's horizon. Dang man.

Speaking of basketball, and not to be confused with Houston St., the Houston Rockets clinched the playoffs last night for the first time since '09!!! Totally Rad.

Starting with the glasses and moving clockwise: Yousouf, Maliek, Samare, Ty, Daniel, Nasson, Terrel

Shoot Location: New York, NY 10012


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