Deviant of the Day

In my mind, artists are the true foundation of our society. Deviant of the Day is a blog about these people. Creatives hold the key to unlock everything exciting and wondrous about this world. Painters, photographers, chefs, sculptors, musicians, tattoo artists, engineers, designers, etc…you all blow my mind. Let’s stick to our guns and never give up.

Deviant of the Day #39 - Jeff 'Rhino' Neumann

Jeff, or Rhino (as many people call him), Neumann has dedicated much of his life to his love for music.  Whether playing in a band, working for a band, or building custom drum sets for other musicians, he has managed to find a way to keep himself extremely submerged within his passions.  

My first memory of Rhino falls sometime within 1994-1995 at The Abyss, a punk/grunge/metal club that used to exist on Washington Ave. within the vicinity of downtown Houston.  In those days, for my friends and I, it was either "how in the hell do we get to Fitzgerald's to see 30FootFall?" or "how in the hell do we get to the Abyss to see Latch Key Kids?"  Rhino was onstage as the guitar player for Latch Key Kids, an H-Town punk gem in our eyes.  Well, later that year, we also found him working at the Bagel Express in our innocent little suburb town outside of Houston.  As you can imagine, our bagel connection became supreme.  We took hundreds…of old & stale bagels out of the back door dumpster...which we then used to fulfill some dumbass act of vandalism.  Anyway, those days are long gone, but over the last 15 years I have seen Rhino sporadically, working hard on stage, as I would cross paths with his gigs during my days of shooting live music.  I decided to get in touch and recently met up with him at Playstation Theater in NYC while he was rolling through with the Descendents as their tour manager.  I asked him how he got himself wrapped up in this whole tour manager thing. 

"I got a call from Damon from Fenix TX in 1998 to go out on tour, it wasn't for anything in particular. I just started doing work because they weren't doing anything. They were out on tour with Blink 182, Unwritten Law and Assorted Jellybeans. When we were in Las Vegas at the Joint. Mark Hoppus from Blink 182, who at the time was Fenix Tx's manager, called me in to the dressing room and handed me a bunch of contracts and said 'you're the new tour manager.'  That was 18yrs ago. I still have the pass from that day November 28th 1998."

Since, he has worked with tons of bands...Sparta, Alkaline Trio, NOFX, Bad Religion, Pennywise, and now as I've already mentioned, Descendents. 

Rhino is also the co-founder of Custom Drum Concepts (a Houston based custom drum company) and the backline manager of Soundcheck Houston, who provide musical instrumentation to touring acts that go through Houston.  They also do the backline for Lollapalooza, ACL, SXSW and other festivals.  Rhino is definitely a busy, busy man...but as he says, "Work hard, do the best you can and don't let anyone hold you back."  I happen to agree. 

Favorite quote:  "The show must go on. There are no sick days on tour."

Hometown: H-Town (Houston, TX)
Instagram: @descendentscrew 
Facebook: Custom Drum Concepts; Sound Check Houston

Playstation Theater, NYC - Descendents

Deviant of the Day #36 - Bethany Bubenzer

Bethany Bubenzer is a bit of a nomad.  Currently residing in Charleston, SC...Bethany has lived all over, including New York & Paris.  But what really had me interested was the yoga training that she does in the Middle East.  

Bethany works with the Olive Tree Yoga Foundation, or OTYF, which provides world class yoga teacher training to students in Israel & Palestine.  “The mission is to create a powerful community of transformative leaders through the practice of yoga.”  They focus on creating yoga classes and teacher training to support healing and transformation for communities throughout the Middle East and all around the world that are affected by conflict.   In 2016, Bethany is set for 200 hours of yoga teacher training, 100 hours of advanced yoga teacher training, plus kids yoga teacher training.   She is currently fundraising to head back to the Middle East.  Donations are accepted here.

I did not want to have the typical “run of the mill” yoga shoot.  So, Bethany and I took to the streets of the East Village.  I guess the idea behind this portrait session is…New York City, If you can escape it here, you can escape it anywhere.   

“Yoga is meditation (contemplation) of every experience, thought, and belief of what distracts the mind, triggers the ego, and lights you up from the inside out. The physical practice (asana) provides an outlet to practice calm, steady breath in different  poses, or shapes.  The "shapes" of the practice are designed to mimic various emotional experiences.  So, yoga is the practice keeping a deep steady breath, and therefore a calm, clear, and solution-oriented mind, in all of life's experiences.“ 

-Bethany Bubenzer

Hometown: Lexington, KY
Instagram: @parisonista
Facebook: Bethany B Yoga Lifestyle
Website: (Currently Under Construction)

Deviant of the Day #35 - Diana Lovrin

Straight out of Queens, NY...Diana Lovrin (pronounced LOWvrin) is one highly talented and eccentric individual.  Although born and raised in Flushing, NY...she spent 10 years of her life, off and on, in Zagreb, Croatia, where she focused on her career in music, theater and television.  Currently, Diana pursues happiness back in NYC and has found her own balance as a musician, actor, yoga teacher & retreat coordinator, and bartender.

Yoga Retreats: Yes, not only does she teach yoga throughout NYC, she also leads yoga retreats in both Croatia and India. You can check her website below for dates and details.

The Musician: Diana is a vocalist for gypsy punk band Bad Buka and also works on her own solo project with other various musicians which she describes as "stylistically soulful, blues, R&B and rock."  Follow Diana on her Facebook page (listed below) for updates on both of these projects.  You can also check out her solo work at the SoundCloud link below.

The Actress:  Diana will begin rehearsals on "To The Rising Sun", a show in the works that is created by Tony nominated artist, Tsidii Le Loka, for her work on Broadway in The Lion King.  Stay tuned for more details at Diana's Facebook page.

And believe it or not, you can also find Diana in the summer months on the rooftop of The Standard Hotel bartending at Le Bain.  Damn, that's a hefty load of ambition!  Pics below!

"I party hard, practice hard, and love hard! "

-Diana Lovrin

Shoot Location: Brooklyn, NY 11211

Deviant of the Day #34 - Jack Jerz

Jack Jerz is an amazing artist from Kensington, Brooklyn. His work is insane and I love it! His fascination of history, mythology, and old and abandoned architecture is much of what influences his work..."comics, screenplays, regular plays, illustration, art direction, t-shirts, skateboards, album art, psychedelic blacklight posters." Recently, Jack has been independently publishing comic books of which he enjoys creating worlds of monsters, robots and river gods. He is currently working on his 3rd comic book, "Way Far Out at the Edge of the Earth" which soon can be purchased online along with his previous 2 comics here.

You can see more of Jack's work on the walls of Reciprocal Skateboards in the East Village and Jackbar in Williamsburg. You can even get his art inked permanently onto your body should you wish.  Yes, he is a tattoo artist and works at Eight of Swords. He books by appointment only, so shoot him an email here if ya need some ink.

"I'm a viscous uncaring capitalist and will lend my pen to anything if the price is right. Faceless corporations, I am your willing acolyte, show me the gateway to your ambrosia palace and I will drink the kool-aid and do the deepest, darkest and most perverted of your narrative or artistic bidding...

... for like 3 or 4 years till I've saved up enough scratch to move to a vineyard in Serbia with my archeologist wife and you can all kiss my ass."

-Jack Jerz

Shoot Location: Brooklyn, NY 11218

Hometown: Cohasset, MA
Instagram: @jackjerz
Twitter: @jackjerz

Deviant of the Day #33 - How and Nosm

Raoul and Davide Perre, identical twins known as How and Nosm, have made quite the name for themselves within the international art community.  From their early days of train tagging and commercial work to their more recent days of non-commercial gallery work and large scale building murals, the philosophy behind each piece is profound and mind provoking. Look deeper into the philosophy starting this week as their canvas work will be on display for How and Nosm "A Different Language" at Jacob Lewis Gallery from 2/20 - 3/4.  The opening reception will be tonight from 6-8pm.  Here are a few pics of the two and their ferocious & widow-making guard dog, Niko, below.

Shoot Location: LIC, NY 11101

Hometown: Dusseldorf, Germany
Instagram: hownosm

Deviant of the Day #32 - Will Ellis of AbandonedNYC

New York City, as we all know, has an extraordinary history. Many structures built as long ago as the early 19th century still stand but have been long forgotten to rot and wither away. From the Creedmoor State Hospital to Brooklyn's Domino Sugar Factory, Will Ellis of AbandonedNYC has explored and photographed some of the eeriest abandoned destinations that this city has to offer. If you have not yet explored Will's website,, do it now!

Shoot Location: Brooklyn, NY 11231 ‎ (Near the Gowanus Canal)

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Facebook: abandonednyc

Deviant of the Day #31 - Markus Shaffer

I was looking up the proper name for a person that builds guitars.  Guitar maker and luthier are the two terms that I came up with. A luthier builds stringed instruments, however, Markus Shaffer strictly builds badass custom guitars, so guitar maker it is. Check out Markus' craftsmanship at Old Scratch Fabrications. Most of his recent clientele springs from the depths of the local metal scene out here in Brooklyn. He is currently building another guitar for Hull, which means that once he is done, the entire band will be rockin' Old Scratch guitars. Markus also plays bass in the 3-piece metal band Iron Tides. You can catch both Iron Tides and Hull live at The Acheron on July 13th.

Shoot Location: Brooklyn, NY 11201 (Dumbo)

Hometown: Farmington, New Mexico
Facebook: markusshaffer

Deviant of the Day #30 - Autry Fulbright

I met Autry a couple of years ago in Germany at the Rock Im Park festival in Nürnberg. He was there playing with his band, ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead. It was extremely coincidental that at the time we had actually lived across the street from one another in Brooklyn. Since then, Autry has moved to Austin, TX and has been playing with Midnight Masses and Haunted Houses . Both bands are in the process of writing new tunes so be on the look out for that. As if three bands aren't enough, Autry is working on a film called Now Here Is Nowhere and will soon also be writing for rock music journalist Michael Azerrad. Keep pumping out the great material buddy!

Shoot Location: New York, NY 10023

Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Facebook: sameasiteverwas

Deviant of the Day #29 - Lynne Brown

Lynne Brown, a Brooklyn based artist, invited me over to her art studio, Arts@Renaissance in which she has a 4 month residency. The building is actually an old psychiatric hospital that was left abandoned in 1982, which made for an interesting shooting location. Lynne's talents include drawing and sculpting and she will be working on an international peace mural on the Berlin wall this summer through She will also spend her second consecutive summer there in Berlin at the Transit Institute. Check out Lynne's website here.

Shoot Location: Brooklyn, NY 11211

Hometown: Queens, New York
Facebook: lynnemargaretbrownartist

Deviant of the Day #28 - Justin Cox & Rob Nassif

Ah yes, my new Aussie pals! These guys were checking out Ave. C for their first time when I bumped into them at my favorite German biergarten, Zum Schneider. Justin and Rob are both musicians from Perth. We walked up and down the avenue taking pics and discussing the possibility of jamming together. You never know. Check out more info on the two below. Cheers mates!

Shoot Location: New York, NY 10009

From Left to Right:  Justin, Rob

Justin Cox
Hometown: Perth, Western Australia
Profession: Carpenter
Music: Rock 'm Roll, Vocalist
Facebook: justinanthonycox

Rob Nassif
Hometown: Perth, Western Australia
Profession: Drummer for Gyroscope
Facebook: robnassif

Deviant of the Day #26 - Johnny Gallo

Johnny Gallo from Montauk!! This guy is über eccentric. It is the annual Montauk Music Festival this weekend and you can catch him belting out some tunes for Lawrence Cooley tonight at The Sloppy Tuna. Johnny has experienced a lot. In the late 80's he was found floating on a cooler off the Grand Banks of Newfoundland after surviving the immediate 12 second sinking of a fishing boat that he was aboard. Sounds pretty traumatizing but I'm pretty sure he doesn't remember much of it.

Shoot Location: Montauk NY 11954

Hometown: Montauk, New York

Deviant of the Day #25 - Nadia Tulim

Nadia was on her lunch break looking all Nancy Spungen when I ran into her on Elizabeth St. in Manhattan. She was conversing with friends outside of Patricia Field, where she works. Nadia is also a fashion stylist. You can check out her work on her blog, Smoking Zippers.

Shoot Location: New York, NY 10012

Hometown: Washington D.C.
Website: Smoking Zippers

Deviant of the Day #24 - Alex Wilcox

Alex is a fashion designer from Manchester. He and his wife Betty own a clothing label and store, Lord Willys LLC, at 225 Mott St. between Prince and Spring. He describes their brand as "classic English tailoring with a playful twist."

Shoot Location: New York, NY 10012

Hometown: Manchester, England

Deviant of the Day #23 - Scott "Pondscum" Elmer

Yes, he goes by Pondscum...beautiful! And a great man he is. Having attended The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon & Graphic Art from 1989-1991, Pondscum began his career as an in house Inker for Marvel Comics in 1993 and stayed on staff through 2012 when he switched over to the freelance side. Check out a few samples of his cover art here.

Shoot Location: New York, NY 10009

Hometown: New York, New York
Facebook: pondscum

Deviant of the Day #22 - Erica Mancini

Erica is a musician (accordionist and drummer) finishing up her degree at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study within NYU concentrating in "Music, Identity, and Subculture" and is particularly interested in the sociology of deviance. She is also a staff member of Criminal Class Press, a mystery/thriller/crime-fiction publication. You can catch Erica playing drums for a couple of bag pipe Zum Schneider for Polka Brunch on Sunday's, and with Huff This! She's also an accordionist for Let's Get Sushi and Not Pay.

Shoot Location: New York, NY 10009

Hometown: Willowbrook, Illinois
Facebook: emancini

Deviant of the Day #21 - Eli Haber

And we're finally back with a shorter post as I'm in a rush.  Eli plays in a couple of bands, Obamanation and the Stupid Naturals.  The bands are extremely.....quirky, for a lack of a better word. Anyway, Eli delivers Korean BBQ for Seoul Food on 47th St. in Manhattan.

Shoot Location: Brooklyn, NY 11211

Hometown: Bronx, New York
Facebook: eli.haber
Website: Obamanation

Deviant of the Day #19 - Omar Rivera

Some of you living in NYC have probably seen that big ass BB SOCIAL CLUB van with the huge green skull & top hat.  Yes, Omar Rivera is our deviant of the day.  Omar makes a living teaching kids how to skate, snowboard and even play music.  You can check out info on BBSC's 2013 Summer Skate Camp here. Omar also plays guitar and drums. He and I have been playing music together off and on for about 6 years now.  It smells like a new project is in the works. SZ baby!!! \m/ \m/

Shoot Location: Brooklyn, NY 11211

Hometown: Elmira, New York
Facebook: bbsocialclubskateboardinglessons

Deviant of the Day #18 - Stephan Cherkashin

Stephan is a guitar player/bartender/graphic design student from Belarus. I first met him back in 2010 when He was playing for Telltale, a post punk experimental group based in Brooklyn. Check out his new experimental project, [aftersun] on band camp. You can also find Stephan bartending at Satellite Lounge on Havemeyer St. Go in a play some pinball. They've go 6 machines!

Shoot Location: Brooklyn, NY 11211

Hometown: Minsk, Belarus
Facebook: stcherkashin
[aftersun]: Bandcamp

Deviant of the Day #17 - Jesse Adelson

Jesse thrashes both on the streets and in the rehearsal space. He is a skater and a musician, playing bass and screaming vocals for Prostitution, a semi-technical blackened thrash band with a lot of melody. You can check out their band and pick up their new 7" at their 4/27 show at The Gutter, a vintage bowling alley/bar in Brooklyn. Jesse also teaches music at a NYC public high school.

Shoot Location: Brooklyn, NY 11211 (BQE)

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Facebook: jesse.adelson
Prostitution: Facebook & Bandcamp

Deviant of the Day #16 - Uli Aven Haley Scheffler

Uli Schpinduli is my new nickname for her...I don't think she likes it, but she has no choice but to accept it. Anyway, Uli comes to us through a mutual friend of ours who recently opened a New York City style bar & restaurant in Hamburg known as The Bird. A lot of musicians seem to flock to this hidden jewel. And yes, Uli is a musician...she plays guitar and has an amazing voice! She also works in fashion, having hosted for the Spirit of Fashion show in Berlin. You can follow Uli at "Uli's Must Have" blog on Go Schpinduli!!!

Shoot Location: Brooklyn, NY 11224 (Coney Island)

Hometown:  Hamburg, Germany
Facebook: uliaven